Our services

Maison Lorence Art Gallery offers a global mind-set and exceptional resources that can be adapted to fulfill your requests while taking into consideration the uniqueness of each work of art, the wishes of the artist and the market.

The different services offered by Maison Lorence Art Gallery are aimed at the private and professional sectors, whether corporate or institutional.

Research & Purchases

Maison Lorence Art Gallery offers artwork for sale on the website, as well as at international events and various galleries.

Working hand in hand with clients and the artists represented, Maison Lorence Art Gallery also ensures that each piece has been thoroughly researched before a purchase is completed.

Advice and Expertise

Maison Lorence Art Gallery expertly provides advice, personalized support and a network of specialized professionals to assist clients in the ever-changing art world.

Transport, storage & conservation

Maison Lorence Art Gallery ensures the conservation, storage and transportation management required for all artwork while complying with the buyer’s requests.

Lighting and Restorations

Partners of the best qualified craftsmen with exceptional know-how, Maison Lorence Art Gallery provides all services related to lighting and restorations.

Organizer of Art & Design-oriented Events 

Maison Lorence Art Gallery elegantly organizes many events in the art and design sectors such as international fairs, galleries and exhibitions. When executing events, our mission is to tell a story and to reflect the soul of a space, without ever forgetting the art and its creator.




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